Give an #EqualChance to all doctors 

Take action against the unfair barriers faced by internationally trained medical doctors in Canada. 

Request equity based changes in the pathway to practice medicine for these doctors by joining #EqualChance. 

The Issue

To practice medicine in Canada you need to have a recognized medical degree and pass the medical  qualifying exams. 

When internationally trained medical doctors get their credentials recognized and successfully pass the Canadian qualifying exams, they are not given a fair opportunity to practice their profession.  

These doctors are expected to undergo extra processes, sessions, and certifications that make it almost impossible for them to practice. 

Even after earning extra certifications, internationally trained doctors still aren’t allowed to apply to 90% of the total residency positions available in Canada.

Vahid’s Story

Vahid is a doctor, but not in Canada

Vahid practiced medicine in Iran for 16 years. He immigrated to Canada in 2010 and resides in Vancouver. He has not only passed but excelled in the Canadian qualifying medical exams, and his degree is recognized in Canada. He applied to get accepted into a medical residency position in several provinces without success for many years. Vahid is still an anesthesiologist, but not in Canada. 

Thousands of qualified doctors with international credentials like Vahid, cannot practice their profession. This is a tremendous loss for Canada, especially during a pandemic. 

The Solution

The provinces and territories in Canada must implement equity-based changes to the licensure process of internationally trained medical doctors and democratize medical residency positions.

There must be one standard for all doctors.

80% of Canadians agree that they are comfortable receiving care from doctors that received the majority of their training outside of Canada.

Give internationally trained doctors an #EqualChance to practice in their profession. They are here, they meet Canadian standards, and are ready to support the health of Canadians.

What Can You Do?

Do you agree that internationally trained medical graduates should an equal chance as other Canadians to practice their profession?

Spread the word about the challenges that internationally trained medical doctors face, and how other Canadians can help.