Our Approach

For every newcomer: Belonging. Opportunity. Home. 

Powered by a committed and passionate national network, our programs and special projects inspire inclusion, celebrate newcomers, and encourage active citizenship. Our goal: to unlock Canada for newcomers. 

What We Do

Citizenship Ceremonies

Our Enhanced Citizenship Ceremonies mark the life-changing moment of citizenship with celebrations centering the plethora of culture, diversity, and languages that constitute Canada. 


Our one-of-a-kind program, Canoo Cultural Access Pass is the centerpiece of our efforts to unlock Canada for newcomers and make them feel wanted, respected and at home here.  

Ideas and Insights

Working with partners and program participants, we drive research and develop cutting edge insights on inclusion and citizenship in the 21st century.


We are advocating for a more inclusive Canada through research, insights and live events. Join the conversation.  

Our Impact…

Since 2005, our programs have worked to give every newcomer to Canada the chance to become fully involved in our history, our culture and our politics. The generous support from our donors and partners has enabled this impact. 


newcomers participated in Canoo


Enhanced Citizenship Ceremonies hosted


Canadians sworn in


Major reports since 2014

Daniel Bernhard


Institute for Canadian Citizenship

“Societies that welcome new people as full and equal participants in economic, social, and political life will discover the path to renewal, and so far, Canada seems poised to lead the world in this regard. We only will meet the challenges of our time with new ideas, born of new experiences, applied with new energy. There is no other way.”

Our History


Canoo opens to permanent residents as well as new citizens.


The Cultural Access Pass becomes Canoo, a mobile app.


The ICC hosts our first 6 Degrees event in Toronto.


The ICC hosts our first Enhanced Citizenship Ceremony.


The Cultural Access Pass is launched.


The Institute for Canadian Citizenship is founded by The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul.


The First LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture is held, hosted by John Ralston Saul.