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of Canoo newcomer members feel a greater sense of belonging after experiencing Canoo.


of Canoo newcomer members intend to continue visiting our partners.


newcomers have passed through our Building Citizenship and Canoo programs.

We are committed to creating opportunities for companies and brands to showcase their support for diversity, inclusion, and new Canadians.    

If you have questions about Corporate Partnerships, please contact Alana Dunbar, Director of Philanthropy, at or 613-552-2019.

Ways to Partner

Partner with Canoo

Canoo provides newcomers with free admission to over 1,400 venues from art galleries and museums to science centres and parks, as well as free tickets to performing arts performances. It is through partnerships with arts and culture organizations that we are able to provide new Canadian citizens access to these amazing experiences and spaces. In turn, Canoo builds new arts and culture audiences who return as visitors, volunteers, and patrons to these organizations.  

If your organization is interested in partnering with Canoo, please contact our team. 

Partner with Building Citizenship

ICC Enhanced Citizenship Ceremonies are a celebration of the newest members of the Canadian family and offer unique opportunities to reflect on what it means to be active, engaged citizens.

Our partners offer their welcoming public spaces and work with us to host ICC Enhanced Citizenship Ceremonies. Email us to learn more.

Support our Annual Holiday Fundraiser

Celebrate the Seasonal Holidays by honouring your loved ones with a donation in their name.  

A $50 donation to Canoo helps new arrivals experience the beauty of our winters – indoors and outdoors. 

Employee Matching

Many employers support their employee’s fundraising efforts and donations through Employee Matching Programs. By inquiring about corporate gift matching, your gift could make a larger impact for a more inclusive tomorrow. 

Talk to your employer or human resources department to find out if they have a gift matching policy in place. Your workplace will provide you with the necessary forms to enroll in the program and, when they do, please indicate that you would like to donate to the Institute for Canadian Citizenship.