Meet Canoo Member Nuno Silva

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Meet Canoo Member Nuno Silva.

After moving to Canada for his job, Nuno ended up making this country his home and officially became a citizen in October of 2019. Now settled in Alberta, his favourite thing about Canada is the generous spirit of his fellow Canadians and the importance of inclusion and acceptance. “Everyone works to make everyone’s life easier,” he says. “It’s a two-way street: Canada accepts my individuality, and I embrace Canadian Culture.”

Nuno has gone out of his way to embrace Canadian Culture, particularly in exploring the great outdoors. VIA Rail provides a one-time 50% discount on train travel to all Canoo members. Nuno used this offer to take a VIA train from Edmonton all the way to Vancouver during his first winter as a citizen. “I loved the two-day train trip,” he said. “It’s my favourite way of travelling.” The route from Edmonton to Vancouver features breathtaking views for nature lovers, and Nuno had an amazing time taking in the incredible landscape. “I loved the opportunity to enjoy the raw Nature of the Rockies.”

Nuno is so glad to have had access to Canoo and the VIA Rail offers. When we asked him about what it has been like to discover and experience Canada’s cultural sites through Canoo, he said, “These Canadian landmarks are now my places as well. I feel proud and blessed for being able to enjoy them. They make me feel at home.”

Canoo has been a huge part of Nuno being able to feel a sense of ownership and belonging in Canada, and it’s a resource he wouldn’t want to have been without. As he says, “When I became a citizen, I gained a Canadian Passport that allows me to enjoy other countries. On top of it all, I’ve also gained Canoo: a Citizenship Cultural Passport that allows me to enjoy my new country.

Want to discover Canada through the windows of a train? VIA Rail generously provides a one-time 50% discount on train travel to all Canoo members! To unlock this offer, open the Canoo app, select “More” on the bottom right of your screen, and then click Via Rail Offer and follow the onscreen instructions.

Ready to see the whole country? It would take almost a week, but it’s possible to travel across the entire width of Canada with VIA Rail. We’ve laid out the trip for you, along with some of our favourite Canoo venues to check out at the major train station stops along the way.

From east to west, here are some amazing Canadian sites that you can’t miss. Click here to read the whole article.

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Canoo gives new Canadian citizens and their families access to more than 1400 arts and culture spaces and parks across Canada. While Canoo is free to use, it’s not free to operate. As a charity, we rely on donations to help keep Canoo available and free for new citizens. With your generous support, we can help thousands of new Canadians and their families feel like they belong. Give the gift of Canoo! Become a monthly donor today.


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