Canoo Insights Report: Part 4 Happy Canoo-versary!


By Adiba Hasan

In May 2023 the Institute for Canadian Citizenship commemorated the one-year anniversary of our transformative relaunch of the Canoo Access Pass (Canoo). As a charity dedicated to unlocking Canada for newcomers and working to facilitate the journey from arrival to citizenship and belonging, Canoo has proved to be an extraordinary initiative, supporting hundreds of thousands of newcomers to explore and engage with the country.

Free entry to over 1,400 of Canada’s best culture and nature attractions.
Free and discounted tickets to concerts and sports matches.
Exclusive deals with brands like Air Canada, VIA Rail, and tourist attractions like Whale watching, Sea to Sky Gondola, and much more!

Since its inception, Canoo has unlocked Canada for almost 500,000 newcomers, providing free admission to museums, galleries, festivals, concerts, and other experiences across the country. In this quarterly Canoo Insights Report, we are delighted to share some highlights and accomplishments from the past year.

$55+ million

in value delivered since Canoo started


newcomers have participated


newcomers currently active on Canoo

Before & After: Relaunching Canoo

Canoo started as a pilot program in 2015 to encourage the newest Canadian citizens to explore museums in their new chosen country. The program evolved into the Cultural Access Pass, which granted discounted or complimentary access to a myriad of cultural and artistic attractions. Since then, the program has transformed into Canoo, Canada’s biggest welcome network for new citizens and recent permanent residents, providing newcomers with access to over 1,400 venues and a multitude of events spanning the vast expanse of Canada, from coast to coast to coast.

In 2018, Canoo saw a modest redemption rate, with a total of 23,854 members taking advantage of the benefits offered. The number of individuals benefiting from Canoo’s offerings remained relatively flat in the years following, ranging from 30,000 to 35,000 members annually (notwithstanding the impact of Covid-19 in 2020-2021). However, with the relaunch of Canoo in May 2022, the program experienced a surge in active memberships, propelling the number of Canoo members to a remarkable 55,027 for 2022 overall.

Barely halfway through 2023, Canoo has again experienced significant growth in sign-ups. Since January, 40,015 individuals have joined the program (this represents 72% of the total downloads recorded in 2022 overall). This rapid growth is a testament to both the appeal and the undeniable value that Canoo brings to the lives of newcomers in Canada.

1,400+ Venues

Museums, Theatres, Art Galleries, Parks and much more!

1,300+ VIP tickets

Calgary Stampede, Seal World Tour, MLSE and much more!


Value saved by Canoo members since Canoo was relaunched in May 2022

Canoo Memberships: Growing Steadily!

Each day, Canada welcomes one new permanent resident every 1 minute and 5 seconds, and each of these individuals is eligible to benefit from Canoo as they embark on their journey in Canada! Between May 2022 and May 2023, Canoo was activated by 92,666 newcomers and currently, there are 89,940 active Canoo members accessing over 1400 destinations and many events and tourist attraction sites.

92,666 Memberships Activated!

(May 2022-May 2023)

Activations per Month

Almost 90% increase in Canoo Downloads

On relaunch in May 2022, Canoo had 9,379 new downloads. By May 2023, Canoo saw a growth of 87% whereas in May 2023 there were 17,494 new downloads.

Canoo Member Check-ins: A Major Uptick During Holiday Periods

A ‘Check-in’ refers to the moment that a Canoo member visits a venue, attends an event, or participates in an activity offered through Canoo. Over the past year, Canoo members along with their children checked-in more than 213,000 times to different venues and events offered through Canoo. At least half of Canoo members bring children. As shown below, Canoo members check-in the most when major holidays take place — typically during periods when families spend time together. For example, Canoo members and their children checked-in 32,172 times during the Victoria Day long weekend in May 2023, making it the highest check-in period on record!

Check-ins per Month

In the five major holidays listed below, Canoo members saved: $1,980,326
DateHolidayCheck-ins (Adult+Children)Value Saved ($)
August 2022End of Summer Break19,112294,721
December 2022Winter Break13,754275,575
March 2023March Break21,412380,976
April 2023Easter Break26,856513,073
May 2023Victoria Day (Long Weekend)32,172515,981


At the heart of Canoo’s success lies the unwavering support of our members, whose feedback has been invaluable in shaping and expanding this initiative. Without our members’ active participation, the Canoo program, along with the enriching partnerships it has forged across Canada, simply would not thrive. Check out one of our Canoo members’ experiences of Canoo that showcases the value of Canoo in fostering a sense of belonging and exploration in Canada (click here).

Other Canoo Members’ Experiences:

Canoo to us is like a lens through which we can explore Canada, we get to know all the beautiful, scenic, historical & cultural places in one place and in the most economical manner. ~Amandeep Kaur Bhatia

It [Canoo] helped me want to discover more places, and experience more after I moved as I was financially tight and that stopped me from exploring the culture, nature and more, of Canada. Canoo helped me fall in love with my new home. ~Thanzeem Kassim Rawther

If you found this report interesting, dive into our earlier editions of the Canoo Insights Report! We delve deeper into the valuable partnerships and stories of Canoo members:

As Canoo continues to improve and reach new heights, our quarterly reports aim to provide a better understanding of Canoo, the diverse individuals it serves, and the valued partnerships that bring Canoo to life for newcomers.

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