Meet CAP Alumnus Lorena Chinprahat


Lorena Chinprahat become a Canadian citizen in July of 2017 after moving from the Philippines four years earlier with her family. “We have a young family, and we want to raise our children in one of the best places in the world. That is why we choose Canada,” explains Lorena. “When we first came here, our goals were to integrate and adapt to the Canadian culture, build a career, and explore this beautiful country. Coming to Canada is one of the best decisions we have ever made. This country freed us from cultural bondages and shown us vast opportunities to grow and develop personally and professionally. As a family, we became stronger and happier than ever.”

“With our Cultural Access Pass, we have visited almost all museums and national parks here in Alberta,” says Lorena. “Our daughters’ favorites are the dinosaur parks and discovery trail hikes. Going to cultural places […] made us feel welcomed as Canadian citizens. We were able to learn and discover how Canadian culture evolved and developed over time, and get to know the people who served as pillars of this beautiful country. Our experience in the Cultural Access Pass [program] validates what Helen Keller has said, that ‘life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.’ Cultural places present new Canadians the opportunity to know this country better and for them to easily adapt and integrate into the society.”

Although Lorena’s Cultural Access Pass has since expired, she plans to continue to explore Canada with her family. “In the next few years, we are looking forward to take on an exciting adventure to explore Canada more by visiting attractions in each and every province and territories,” says Lorena.

About CAP: For nearly 10 years, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) has delivered the Cultural Access Pass (CAP), an innovative, best-in-class program that gives new citizens access to Canadian culture.

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