Canoo Insights Report: Part 1


Welcome to the first Canoo Insights Report

This is the first Canoo Insights Report, which is a quarterly series started by Ideas & Insights at the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. Through these quarterly reports, we hope to:

  1. Give readers a sense of the Canoo program
  2. Reveal how Canoo is the bridge that unlocks the best of Canada to newcomers
  3. Give readers a glimpse into the moving parts of the Canoo program that make it the biggest welcome network in Canada

What is Canoo?

Founded in 2010 and formerly known as the Cultural Access Pass (CAP), Canoo is a distinctly Canadian innovation that translates our country’s openness to newcomers. Through the Canoo app, Permanent Residents and new citizens get a one-year membership that unlocks free VIP access to over 1400 locations and experiences across Canada (e.g., Concerts, arts & culture, travel, volunteering, etc.). Canoo originally served new citizens within their first 12 months of citizenship, but in May 2022, the ICC relaunched Canoo and expanded eligibility to more than two million recently arrived permanent residents.

The Problem

The Canadian government pledges to welcome more than 1.45 million permanent residents between 2023 and 2025 and general support for immigration in Canada remains strong. However, the number of permanent residents choosing to become citizens has dropped significantly since 1996, and a survey commissioned by the ICC in March 2022 showed that 30% of recent newcomers under 35 said they are likely to leave Canada within two years.

Like other countries, Canada depends on immigrants, and without their contributions, Canada will struggle to provide good-quality public services and economic growth will decline.

The Solution

Through Canoo, the ICC is on a mission to unlock the best of Canada so that immigrants don’t just come here, but also see themselves as a part of Canadas future, love it, and become citizens and equal contributors to the country’s shared prosperity and success.

The goal is to create the best possible experience for newcomers in their early years. The ICC has responded by:  

  • Expanding the range of benefits available through Canoo
  • Opening the program to 2 million permanent residents in May 2022
  • Providing opportunities for Canadian institutions and companies to join Canada’s largest welcome network

Who are Canoo Partners?

Canoo partners make up Canada’s largest welcome network; a unique model in the world.

Canoo has two partnership streams:

Canoo offer partners Canoo’s backbone

Canoo offer partners join the network when they commit to bringing great value to newcomers via Canoo. These partners provide free access or significant discounts to their places, experiences, and products. It is about rolling out the red carpet and showing newcomers in tangible ways that they are welcome and wanted in Canada. In other words, they bring Canada’s welcoming spirit to life.

Canoo enables its offer partners to connect directly with newcomer audiences, the fastest-growing demographic in Canada, along with Indigenous peoples. The partnership also supports Canoo’s offer partners’ diversity and inclusion mandates, helping demonstrate impact in the newcomer sphere internally and externally. 

All of Canada’s top cultural institutions and most parks are part of Canoo, as are Canada’s flagship airline, Air Canada, and rail company, VIA Rail. Three of the top five most recognizable Canadian retailers recently joined the network and will start publishing their Canoo offers in 2023.

The ICC’s success rate in securing the participation of major brands we’ve outreached to in 2022 is 100%. This is a testament to Canadians’ commitment to welcoming newcomers. We continue to expand our offering each month, bringing on new corporate, cultural, and civil society partners eager to join the Canoo welcome network. 

Canoo’s partnerships with immigrant-serving organizationsFurther connecting Canoo & the ICC to the newcomer community

Beginning in May 2022, Canoo has been forming a pan-Canadian network of immigrant-serving organizations, such as settlement agencies. These agencies connect newcomers to Canoo, link Canoo members to agency services, and provide valuable counsel to Canoo’s strategic planning.

Canoo places across provinces and territories

Some Canoo partners offer discounts and free admission to their places. These places are situated across all provinces and territories.

Places per ProvinceNo. of Sites
Other (parks, historical sites, museums, art galleries, festivals, theatres)340
Nova Scotia51
British Columbia50
Newfoundland and Labrador18
New Brunswick11
Northwest Territories7
Prince Edward Island4

Canoo partners by category

Canoo partners range from provincial parks and festivals such as the Vancouver International Film Festival, Calgary Stampede, and the Toronto Film Festival, and many discounted and free offers to venues and activities like museums, science centres, and art galleries. In 2022, Air Canada, Canada’s national airline joined Canoo to expand the program’s travel offerings with VIA Rail who’s been with Canoo since 2012. These travel offerings allow Canoo members to discover Canada barrier-free beyond their place of residence.

Places by Category

Place CategoryNo. of Places
Historic Site121
Art Gallery69
Science Centre7
Convention Centre1

Top 5 visited places by Province

Time frame: May 6th, 2022 – December 7th, 2022


Since the relaunch of Canoo in May 2022, Heritage Park Historical Village was the topmost visited site by Canoo members with 1,944 adults and 2,201 children. A living history museum and educational centre located in Calgary, the Heritage Park Historical Village exhibits western Canada from 1860s to 1950s along with amusement rides, restaurants, and event venues.

TELUS Spark Science Centre became the top most visited site for Canoo members with children, welcoming 2,319 children. An interactive science museum that has the largest dome theatre and ignites curiosity in the world of science, technology, and innovation.

Alberta: Top 5 Places Visited

Alberta: Top 3 Places Children Visited

In addition to the places featured in the above graphs, Canoo members received 500 free tickets to the 2022 Calgary Stampede, hundreds of complimentary and discounted tickets to performances by the Alberta Ballet, Calgary Opera, and Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, dozens of free tickets to the 2022 Calgary Folk Music Festival, and unlimited discounted tickets to Calgary International Fringe Festival.

British Columbia

The Vancouver Art Gallery was the top visited site by Canoo members with 413 adults. It is recognized as one of North America’s most innovative visual arts institutions that gives space and focus to First Nations artists and the art of the Asia Pacific region.

Science World recently joined Canoo in September 2022 and became the top visited site for Canoo members with children, welcoming 264 children. Science World is an interactive museum that attracts children with its live science demonstrations.

BC: Top 5 Places Visited

BC: Top 3 Places Children Visited

In addition to places featured in the above graphs, Canoo members received 400 free tickets to the 2022 Vancouver International Film Festival, with 200 additional free tickets being offered for their year-round film screenings. Members also received discounted paddling lessons with Dragon Boat BC, exclusive tickets to BC Lions sports matches, 75 free tickets to Ballet BC’s opening show of the season, and regularly-offered complimentary tickets to performances at Vancouver Island’s Belfry Theatre


Since the relaunch of Canoo in May 2022, Manitoba Children’s Museum was the most visited site in Manitoba – 403 adult Canoo members and 541 children. It is housed in the oldest train repair facility in Manitoba and it “exists to spark kids’ creative learning”.

Manitoba: Top 5 Places Visited

Manitoba: Top 3 Places Children Visited

Nova Scotia

Since the relaunch of Canoo in May 2022, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic was the topmost visited site by Canoo members with 281 adults in Nova Scotia. One of the oldest and largest maritime museums in Canada, it hosts a large collection of elements that highlight the province’s marine history.

The Discovery Centre is the top most visited site by Canoo members with children, welcoming 221 children. It is an interactive science museum located on the Halifax waterfront.

Nova Scotia: Top 5 Places Visited

Nova Scotia: Top 3 Places Children Visited


Since the relaunch of Canoo in May 2022, the Toronto Zoo was the topmost visited site by Canoo members with 4,043 adults who brought along 3,502 children on their visits.

Ontario: Top 5 Places Visited

Ontario: Top 3 Places Children Visited

Canoo members have had access to incredible events and experiences in Ontario such as:

  • 1000s of free concert & show tickets offered by MLSE such as Amy Schumer, Disney on Ice, Eagles, Leon Bridges, and many more. Along with shows and concerts MLSE has also offered free and discounted tickets to check out sports matches for the Toronto Football Club, the Argonauts, and the Toronto Marlies
  • 1000’s of free and discounted performance tickets to the National Ballet, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Canadian Opera Company, London Symphonia, Tarragon Theatre more
  • Discounts to amazing immersive experiences with Lighthouse immersive
  • Free tickets and membership to a variety of different Festivals such as the Toronto International Film Festival, HotDocs Film Festival, Toronto Fringe Festival, Syria Film Festival, Inside Out
  • Canoo members have had access to learning how to camp and explore Ontario Parks with the Ambassador program offered by Ontario Parks
  • Experience workshops for kids and parents alike with Little Canada, Aurora Cultural Centre, Robert McLaughlin Gallery


Since the relaunch of Canoo in May 2022, Montréal Museum of Fine Arts attracted the most Canoo members with 639 adults. It is the oldest museum in Canada (founded in 1860), comprising over 45,000 artworks showcasing Quebec, Canadian heritage, and international art.

The Montréal Science Centre is situated in the heart of Old Port of Montréal and attracted 416 children of Canoo members. The centre includes interactive, innovative, and educational activities and creates a scientific space filled with fun and wonder.

Quebec: Top 5 Places Visited

Quebec: Top 3 Places Children Visited


A network of four museums in Saskatchewan, the Western Development Museum attracted the most Canoo members to learn about the social and economic development of the province.

Since the relaunch of Canoo in May 2022, the Western Development Museum was visited by 69 adults and 103 children.

Saskatchewan: Top 5 Places Visited

Saskatchewan: Top 3 Places Children Visited

As Canoo is evolving and becoming better every day, we hope that these quarterly reports help readers to understand what Canoo is, and get to know some of the partners and services that ultimately bring Canoo to life for newcomers. Stay tuned for Canoo Insights: Part 2 which will be published on December 13th, 2022.

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