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Hudson, Calgary, Alberta


Canadian History & Culture

At an ICC Enhanced Citizenship Ceremony, candidates for citizenship from across the globe were celebrated on July 25, 2023, as new Canadian citizens! With the theme of Canadian history and culture woven into every aspect of this ceremony, the diverse tapestry of Canada’s past, present, and future stood in the background to bring each individual together on this special day.

Presiding Official Irene Pfeiffer administered the oath of citizenship and celebrated 38 individuals from 15 countries as Canadian citizens.


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One of the highlights of the ceremony was the display of cultural richness that Canada proudly embraces. Attendees marveled at the performance by the Young Bhangra Calgary dance group. Bhangra is a dance with roots in Punjabi culture. Today, you can find studios performing and competing across Canada. The Young Bhangra Calgary group not only showcased their performance but also conveyed a powerful message of unity and acceptance, transcending borders. This beautifully exemplifies how Canada is made up of so many cultures, each contributing to the nation’s unique identity.

This citizenship ceremony left an indelible mark as a profound celebration of Canadian identity. It was a moving reminder of the shared values and limitless potential that lie ahead for these new members of the Canadian family. Together, all in attendance embarked on a new chapter of their journey, forging a bright future as proud Canadian citizens.

Photos and More Information

To view photos of the Citizenship Ceremony, click here.

With ICC’s Enhanced Citizenship Ceremonies, established Canadians have the ability to connect with new citizens building stronger community relationships. If you are interested in volunteering as a roundtable host at one of our ceremonies, please contact

Finally, thank you to the guests and performers that participated in this event. For more information, click on their profiles below.

Young Bhangra Club

Bhangra Academy

Young Bhangra Club, Calgary’s premier bhangra academy, emerged in 2012 as the city’s first official institution dedicated to this vibrant cultural dance form.


Elder Clarence Wolfleg Sr.

Siksika Traditional Spiritual Leader by Siksika Nation and Spiritual Advisor


Presently Clarence is recognized as a Siksika Traditional Spiritual Leader by Siksika Nation and is a spiritual advisor (Elder) at MRU, BVC (Iniikokaan Centre), Sunrise Addiction Services, Heritage Park, Calgary Board of Education, SAIT, and City of Calgary.



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Bhangra dancers at a Canadian citizenship ceremony.
Bhangra dancers at a Canadian citizenship ceremony.


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