Elder Clarence Wolfleg Sr.

Siksika Traditional Spiritual Leader by Siksika Nation and Spiritual Advisor


Clarence Wolfleg Sr. (Agar) is from the Siksika Nation. His traditional name, Miiksika’am, translates to “Red Crane.” This traditional Siksika name was also his fourth great grandfather’s name, who watched their eastern Siksika boundaries for many years back in the late 1700s.

Presently Clarence is recognized as a Siksika Traditional Spiritual Leader by Siksika Nation and is a spiritual advisor (Elder) at MRU, BVC (Iniikokaan Centre), Sunrise Addiction Services, Heritage Park, Calgary Board of Education, SAIT, and City of Calgary.

Clarence was honoured by MRU with an Honorary B.A. in Sociology, and in 2021, Clarence was honored again from MRU with an honorary Doctorate of Law.

He was elected for ten terms as a member of Siksika Council and served under many Siksika chiefs. Clarence is a member of the Sacred Horns’ Society (Transfer of Sacred Bundle 2015) and the Brave Dog Society, which are traditional Blackfoot Societies. He is a five-year veteran of International Peace Keeping (NATO & UN) in the mid 1960s. Upon his return from the Peace Keeping Initiative, he became a police officer and served 14 years as RCMP Supernumerary Constable, and later as Alberta Special Constable.