Scott Tannas



Scott Tannas is a proud Albertan who was born in High River, Alberta where he resides with his wife Taryn. Together, they have four adult children and three grandchildren.

Senator Tannas is the only current Senator (and 5th in Parliament’s history) whose appointment to the Upper Chamber came as the result of a public election process. He was one of 13 candidates in the 2012 Alberta Senator-in-Waiting elections, where he received 349,346 votes and was ultimately appointed to the Senate by The Right Honourable Stephen Harper on March 22, 2013.

He is a founding member and Leader of the Canadian Senators Group. He is making Senate Reform one of his key priorities as a Senator and was a founding member of the Special Senate Committee on Senate Modernization, which delivered a series of reports advocating sweeping changes to the operations of the Senate.

Senator Tannas is also a member of the Aboriginal Peoples Committee and the Committee of Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration.