Samuel Crowfoot



Samuel Crowfoot is a graduate of Utah Valley State College (A.S.), Brigham Young University (B.A.) and the University of Wisconsin Law School (J.D.). Originally from Siksika, Alberta. After a short time in his career, he was promoted to Chief Prosecutor, managed a team of lawyers, and collaborated with various law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and US Attorney’s Office. During his tenure as Chief Judge, Mr. Crowfoot implemented alternatives to incarceration and where possible employed restorative justice practices choosing to focus on recovery, healing, and re-education.

Currently, he is serving his second term as a councillor for the Siksika Nation located in Alberta, Canada, where he works in the areas of health, business, social services, public safety, and land claims. In addition to being an enrolled member of the Siksika Nation, Mr. Crowfoot is also of Oneida, Saulteaux, Akwesasne and Armenian descent. Recently, he was given the name “Night Runner” by his father.