Aruna left a successful career in the tech sector in Silicon Valley to support human rights issues both in Canada and around the world. She brings over 23 years of experience and leadership as a generalist fundraiser with a specialization in Major Gifts, having worked at organizations such as the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Plan International Canada, and Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief. A naturalized citizen, Aruna is passionate about working with philanthropists and the donor community to deliver programs that inspire, celebrate, and foster citizenship amongst newcomers to Canada.

Estelle Ntusi is a graduate of the Hospitality and Tourism Management at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson University). Growing up in Toronto and of Congolese descent, she was brought up in a multicultural community with a rich French speaking background leading her to have an appetite to learn new cultures, knowledge and understand differing perspectives. Throughout her undergraduate studies, her career motto has been “People remember not what you have done for them, but how you made them feel”. These words have been the driving force to ensuring a positive surrounding and hopes to bring this energy to ICC as she works on citizenship ceremonies!

Jayani completed her undergraduate degree at Carleton University in Anthropology with minors in African Studies and American Sign Language. Additionally, during her undergrad, she was involved in many extracurricular activities that involved student support/engagement and research. With her parents immigrating to Canada from Sri Lanka, making her a first-generation Tamil Canadian, Jayani has and continues to explore the meaning and experience of being a part of a diaspora. She strongly believes in the power of community and will take any opportunity to learn something new. Working with and supporting newcomers’ sense of belonging is a role she holds near and dear to her heart.
In her spare time, Jayani loves to cook, read, spend time with her friends/family, travel, and tend to her many plants.

I grew up in a culturally diverse family and have been fortunate to travel to 24 countries. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Certificate in Sexual Health Rehabilitation, I do whatever I can to help people become more confident within themselves and their lives.

Stuti Bindesri, born and raised in the multicultural island of Mauritius. She is fluent in 4 languages: English, French, Creole & Hindi. She came to Canada in 2017 to start a diploma in Events Management and further pursued a degree program in Commerce majoring in Hospitality & Tourism. When Stuti is not busy watching football(soccer), she is probably trying out a new coffee spot or practicing her singing.

Arjun is an experienced event producer and tour manager with over 10 years of experience producing international music festivals, concerts,
stand-up comedy shows and branded properties, such as EDC, NH7 Weekender, Red Bull Tour Bus and YouTube Fan Fest.

Born In the Democratic Republic of Congo and having lived in five countries through her childhood, Olga developed a love and appreciation for different cultures at an early age which has followed her throughout her career as a seasoned client service professional, primarily working with Government of Canada organizations. She has a love for learning, understanding, and helping which has aided her growth in leadership roles and event/program coordinating.

During her spare time, she enjoys painting, discovering new music and cooking.

Arash Safavi is digital media savvy and creative thinker. In addition to having 12+ years of experience in content creation, he also has 6+ years of experience in digital media and digital marketing. This is complemented by strong design skills and a multimedia background. His educational background includes an MFA in Art, Media, and Design as well as an engineering degree. His interest, research and practices lie around diaspora, photography and visual storytelling

Chelsea is a social entrepreneur, human rights, and women’s advocacy champion, with 10+ years in social impact and communications. She is the founder of The Millie Community, a social enterprise that creates economic empowerment for women around the world. To date, under Chelsea’s leadership, The Millie Community has developed the Sitti x Millie Scholarship Campaign for Palestinian women and girls, revived The Pin Project working with Syrian refugees, and fundraised over $200,000 to projects that facilitate access to education.

Born in Pakistan, Ayesha is a first-generation Pakistani who immigrated to Canada at a young age. She spent her childhood in Toronto which exposed her to a multitude of cultures and peoples and that have inspired her studies into Political Science and English at the University of Toronto. Ayesha is also a lettering artist. She speaks four different languages fluently, English, Urdu, Gujarati, Hindi while in the process of learning Spanish and Arabic. Her passion for cultures, peoples, and languages have translated into being a part of Canoo that focuses on a sense of belonging for newcomers.

Ayesha spends her spare time actively being involved with family or learning something new to cook.