Born in Zimbabwe and currently based in Calgary, Hip-hop artist and TEDx speaker, KTheChosen writes lyrics that are both entertaining and enlightening. For two years now, Chinake has been making music that collaborates ideas from social justice movements such as feminism, racial inequality and releases ambitious concepts about loss, grief and identity.

Randy Morin is a teacher, storyteller and English-Cree translator from the Big River First Nation, Treaty Six area. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Indigenous Studies and Bachelor of Education Degree. He is a Member of the Literary Translators’ Association of Canada and has over 10 years of experience in literary, radio and video voiceover translations from English to Cree and from Cree to English. He is a strong supporter of maintaining and teaching of Cree language and culture, and shares his knowledge in his community in Saskatoon.

Isadore is a R&B singer/songwriter based in Toronto whose soulful melodies and soft voice chronicle her ever-evolving relationship with herself and others. Touching on topics such as mental health and feelings of uncertainty, Isadore aims to connect to those also finding themselves unsure of which path to take and how to find happiness in a world that seems foreign and overwhelming. Her singing style lends itself to years of musical infatuation with genres such as soul, R&B and its various sub-genres whose own pioneers also led with their hearts on their sleeves, unashamed of baring their souls, and giving a voice to those who couldn’t find the words to express themselves as freely

Grandmother Kim Wheatley carries the spirit name Head or Leader of the Fireflower. She is a member of Shawanaga First Nation’s reserve located in Ontario and identifies as Ojibway & Pottawatomi. Her work covers 3 decades of public presentations through drumming, singing, storytelling and ancestral knowledge sharing. As a multi- award-winning public speaker, she has represented Indigenous Nation’s across Canada. Kim has authored 4 books.

Banafsheh Taherian is a writer and bilingual (Farsi, English) actress who has recently been cast with a reoccurring role on the “#16 Hudson” series on TVO Kids. She has become well-known in the Iranian community garnering more than 100,000 views for her works, with a highlight being her self-produced audio production of “Simurgh” showcased at the 2018 CIFT Festival at TIFF. Banafsheh is also an expert moderator and MC for a number of high profiles Iranian-Canadian events including the world famous Tirgan festival since 2013. She is currently the 2021-22 artist in residence with Canadianstage.

Amber Epp performs uplifting vocal jazz music with a rhythmic beat. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and loves to meet and interact with newcomers to Canada. Amber has performed across our country, and won a Western Canadian Music Award for one of her four albums. She also supports newcomers in Canada by teaching English to refugees. Please enjoy this original song by Canadian artist, Amber Epp. 

Although their personalities may differ, they share many common musical influences and tastes. Hailing from Winnipeg Manitoba, singing in choirs growing up was the main source of their vocal training until later years.  Both Elizabeth and Ashleigh have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from the University of Manitoba. Currently, The Sadler Sisters perform a mixture of pop covers and jazz standards while recently starting to dabble in their own songwriting. They enjoy creating paired-down acoustic arrangements of popular music infused with jazz stylings.  

Singer, animator and vocal teacher, especially with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, Gabrielle is immersed from an early age in the discovery of the human being in its fascinating diversity. She has traveled through several projects – music, stage work, international cooperation, studies and adventure – twenty-five countries on five continents. In several fields of action, Gabrielle demonstrates a strong ability to adapt to offer the best of herself. Passionate and conscientious, she uses her creative and organizational assets with enthusiasm.

Afro-Jamaican-Canadian,Singer-Songwriter, daughter of Jamaica’s Pioneer of Gospel, Claudelle Clarke. She began to follow her mother’s footsteps at the age of five in full force. She has performed in Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Shy to sing off stage but a tigress on. She is captivating, eclectic with a deep soulful voice. Takeyce will release La Intuición, an uplifting survival love song done in Spanish on Nov 02, 2022.  

Dr. Sabrina Jafralie (she/her/elle) has led an impressive career as a secondary school teacher and a university course lecturer in her 21 years. Her research includes teacher education, curriculum design, equity and religious literacy and purposeful dialogue. Jafralie received her Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Concordia University and a Ph.D. in Teacher Education from McGill University in 2017. In 2018, Jafralie was received the certificate of achievement for the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence.