Zai Mamdani

Board Director

A professional with a depth of corporate and non-profit experience, Zai Mamdani leverages her education and experience to provide strategic leadership and operational guidance. Zai holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human and Social Development from the University of Victoria and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development.

Zai is active in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. In the past, she has provided leadership and guidance at Strategic Group, the company she co-founded, in support of the organization’s vision for community partnerships and corporate sponsorships. Most recently, Zai has been the driving force behind the YYC Local Food Distribution Hub. Looking for ways to use philanthropic dollars to make a lasting economic impact, she established the YYC Food Security Fund, which raises money to finance innovative solutions to the systemic issues facing our community’s food security challenges.  One of her current projects uses the philanthropic YYC Food Security Fund to incubate and organize a Local Food Distribution Hub.  By understanding and addressing some of the barriers faced by the industry and supporting local farmers and producers to get their products to market, the distribution hub provides meaningful economic impact.

Zai has been a Board Member with The Institute for Canadian Citizenship over the past 4 years and is currently serving as Chair of the Governance Committee.  She is also a Member of the Board of Governors for Glenbow Museum and with The Walrus. In addition, Zai is an active and valuable contributor to other non-profit organizations, including the City of Calgary, the University of Calgary Office of the Provost –Inclusion and Diversity Group, the Dean’s Advisory Group in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Calgary, and an active advisor to multiple Arts and Culture organizations in her capacity as a Community Leader and Advocate.  Zai strongly believes that Arts and Culture are essential to inclusion and belonging.

Building upon the strengths of the organizations she is passionate about; Zai has a demonstrated track record of identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities and collaborations. She is passionate about organizations that promote vibrant, thriving, and inclusive communities.  Participating in initiatives that advocate for food security and a minimum standard of living for all is an area of great interest to Zai.  In particular, the “new Canadian” demographic from an aspect of belonging and inclusion and advocacy for new Canadian Citizens.  She participates with the City of Calgary on several initiatives and advises the Mayor’s Office in brainstorming ways to activate a community action plan to impact social change.  Zai is also a trusted advisor to the University of Calgary President’s Office.

Zai and her family live in Calgary, Alberta.