Roberto Esteban Alvarez

Director, Global Partnerships

Originally from Mexico, Roberto moved to Toronto at eighteen to pursue a Bachelor’s degree and ended up staying. He left momentarily to Spain to complete a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Immediately after, he started working with John helping him with his presidency at PEN International and writing many interesting things. Afterwards, he briefly consulted for non-profits where the ICC became one of his clients, which hired him full time. He started at 6 Degrees, booking speakers, and securing partners and audience members for the program. Roberto is currently the Manager of Strategic partnerships. In this position, he led the launch of #EqualChance with a wonderful team. He is now working with another great team to get existing and new Canoo partners on board with the next phase. After several years in Canada, Roberto now enjoys the winter. Testament to this is his attendance at an outdoor music festival in Montréal next February. Roberto lives in Parkdale in Toronto.