Dr. Miriam Sekandi

Author, Speaker, Parenting Life Coach, Intercultural Educator and Consultant


Dr. Miriam Sekandi is an ardent educator who uses both her voice and writing, to lovingly impart wisdom into everyone who experiences her presence.

Born and raised in Uganda, she experienced extreme trauma from the community and schools that she attended.

Since moving to Canada 18 years ago to pursue graduate studies, Dr. Miriam made it her life’s work to combat ancestral and generational trauma that gets passed down through families, in the form of unhealthy parenting practices and intercultural disparities.

She facilitates training workshops for individuals, families, communities, visionaries and thought leaders on the intersect of parenting and intercultural education through her consultancy, Break Free Zone.

She has a wealth of experience in community leadership and advocacy and, is currently the Board chair of the Alberta Black Therapists Network. Dr. Miriam holds a PhD in Secondary Education (International and Intercultural Education) from the University of Alberta, and is currently working on her book, “It takes a Village to Raise/Wreck a Child”, which will be out in Summer 2022.