Chelsea Brown

Digital Communications Specialist

Chelsea Brown is the Digital Communications Specialist at the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. She is also the founder of Millie, a social enterprise and community that amplifies women’s voices, creating quality education and economic growth for women worldwide. A women’s advocacy champion and human rights/education equity activist, Chelsea sits on the International advisory board of NGO Femme International, an organization that helps address the needs of menstruators in low-income communities. Chelsea has collaborated with 70+ women globally, shared 40 WOC stories, created the Sitti x Millie scholarship campaign for Palestinian women and girls living in the Jeresh Refugee Camp in Jordan, revived the Pin Project helping Syrian refugees, and more.

A Toronto native, Chelsea has lived in the U.K., USA and Canada and has travelled extensively for work and pleasure. Her 15+ trips to Jordan with Millie Travels provided clarity: 

”Only by forging relationships with people across the world can we improve it.”