Arwant Kang

Lawyer and Musician


Arwant is a lawyer at an immigration and family law lawyer at a prominent boutique law firm in Downtown, Vancouver.

Arwant is also a Sarangi player/Dhadi and has been performing for over a decade. Although Arwant developed his base in Indian classical music from grade 1, he was first introduced to the Sarangi in grade 6 and has been learning ever since. Through this art, he has become a young advocate/preacher of social justice by participating in projects focussing on taboo issues, including gender equality, mental health and drug abuse. In 2016 and 2018, Arwant served as the musical accompanist for the site-specific stage play, “The Undocumented Trial of William C. Hopkinson.” He has also appeared as a guest anthem performer at the Vancouver Canucks game.