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Yolanda Theophilus immigrated to Canada in 2012 from The Bahamas, and she became a Canadian citizen in September of 2017. Still in her first year of citizenship, Yolanda is actively using her Cultural Access Pass to visit cultural attractions and is taking advantage of CAP performing arts offers in the Toronto area.

“I chose Canada because I studied at Acadia University in 2005 and was impressed with what it had to offer, including its values and culture,” says Yolanda, “When I first arrived, my goals were to settle into Toronto, make this country my home, and eventually become a Canadian citizen. Professionally, I aspired to obtain a position in my accounting profession… My plans also included meeting a diverse set of people, integrating well into the Canadian culture, and becoming actively involved in the community.

“I have gained positive experiences since coming to Canada such as, obtaining professional experiences and meeting amazing people from around the world and all walks of life. I cherish the great memories of fun-filled activities and Canadian adventures. I now feel even more strongly a part of the community and now Canada is my home.”

Yolanda received in citizenship in 2017 and is still actively pursuing her professional and personal goals. “In my first few years as a Canadian citizen, my desire is to obtain a stable career, settle into a nice home, and travel to more Canadian provinces,” says Yolanda. “I look forward to a happy and healthy Canadian lifestyle. I’m also excited about having a family someday. One of my goals is to grow my business advisory practice, under my incorporated company, Ultimate Consulting Inc.”

She enjoys traveling, attending cultural events, and writing – she even wrote a book in 2017.

“I am enthusiastic about attending the arts, culture, festivities, and multicultural events,” says Yolanda, “My Cultural Access Pass has allowed me to attend an opera, a play, and an orchestra. I visited most tourist attractions in Toronto, hiked and went on a Rocky Mountain bus tour in Vancouver, visited Montreal and more.

“It is important for newcomers [and new citizens] to be a part of the cultural life that makes them share in the Canadian experience of the past and its origins. Overall, I feel that shared experiences, connecting with a diverse set of people, and exposure to interesting places has a profound positive impact on my openness and relationships with others.

“The journey to success is a recipe of a cup of efforts and resources, a spoonful of goals in a bowl of valuable experiences stirred with passion and baked over time. It’s important to feel connected and integrated into a new community and the Cultural Access Pass has given me some of these valuable experiences and further infused my passion and motivated me to pursue my goals.”

About CAP: For nearly 10 years, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) has delivered the Cultural Access Pass (CAP), an innovative, best-in-class program that gives new citizens access to Canadian culture. It’s time to shift CAP to the digital age. Support the ICC.

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