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Spotlight on Canoo Members, sponsored by Canadian Western Bank

Teresita made the move to Canada for the countless possibilities and opportunities it had to offer for her and her family and quickly fell in love with the incredible natural landmarks, friendly people and culture. After becoming a citizen in March of 2020, she quickly signed up for Canoo and began working her way through Canada’s cultural institutes and parks.

“Canoo is a tool that lets you get to know the country,” she says. “It’s not only about visiting cultural places or sightseeing in its amazing parks, but embracing and understanding the reason for being a Canadian in heart and mind.”

She sees getting to explore Canadian arts, culture and the great outdoors as an incredibly important part of feeling at home in her new country. “Embracing the culture and accepting diversity, which is the most essence of being a Canadian citizen. That’s what inclusion really means,” she says. “Cultural places provide me with the knowledge about the country that I am embracing. Knowing the history made me understand the people and the culture. It also gives me pride that when they asked me about my purpose and why I am here, I can answer with confidence. It enables me to connect and adjust with everyone in the community and the country, as a whole.”

Teresita’s whole family has been able to use Canoo to discover the best that Canada’s outdoors has to offer. “My children are already adults and planning a vacation needs a lot of timing and adjustment to schedules, but we were able to go to Waterton National Park on August 27, 2020. It was amid the pandemic, but we were still able to make the most of our vacation.”

The trip out to Waterton had lots of activities and sights for all to enjoy. “It’s a small town but packed with lots of beautiful places to explore, like the mountains, colourful rocks and thunderous Falls, but what stood exceptional to me was the Bear Humps Trail,” Teresita told us. “It was a big challenge for a non-hiker/climber like myself but the hardest climb had the most beautiful view as they say. It was the most fulfilling experience for me. I am always amazed by nature, and Canada is never short of this.”

We’re so glad that the Perez family was able to spend a fantastic time together in Waterton National Park, and we wish them an incredible lifetime of exploring all that Canada has to offer! Thanks to Canadian Western Bank for supporting Canoo so that the Perez family and thousands of newcomers like them get to unlock Canada.

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Canoo gives new Canadian citizens and their families access to more than 1400 arts and culture spaces and parks across Canada. While Canoo is free to use, it’s not free to operate. As a charity, we rely on donations to help keep Canoo available and free for new citizens. With your generous support, we can help thousands of new Canadians and their families feel like they belong. Give the gift of Canoo! Become a monthly donor today.


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