Meet Canoo member Fazela Yasin

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Meet Canoo member Fazela Yasin.

Fazela chose to move to Canada because for her, it meant living in a country where, as a woman, she was valued, given equal opportunities, and  able to give back to her community in a meaningful way. Inclusion to Fazela is to be, as she puts it, “sewn into the cloth,” which is having the opportunity to experience a variety of cultures while being accepted for hers. Fazela is very inspired by the active and continued efforts of Canadians to make each other feel welcome and reassured, and she wants to give back as an active citizen by “fulfilling all the duties sworn to and checking in with herself constantly to make sure she is living up to the qualities of being a Canadian.”

Fazela shares that cultural places like the ones she visited in Vancouver play an important role in building social inclusion by giving everyone the opportunity to grasp different cultures, customs, and backgrounds: “This builds our appreciation and relationships for and with fellow Canadians, despite our differences, and helps to establish trust, be insightful, and also respectful of each other.” Fazela’s closest friends, Nathalie and Stacy, both live outside of Canada, but going to Canoo venues with them when they visit gives Fazela the opportunity to show them what makes Canada so special to her.

Fazela says Canoo has motivated her to discover so many interesting places. She loves how she can pick almost any city in Canada and there are always Canoo venues available to explore. On a trip to Vancouver in April 2019 with her best friend, Nathalie, Fazela visited Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. From the moment the pair stepped in from the bustling streets, they transitioned into “the most peaceful and serene setting. It is difficult to believe you’re still in the city!” Fazela says that Canoo has given her countless invaluable experiences and has left an “unforgettable impression” on her. 


Canoo gives new Canadian citizens and their families access to more than 1400 arts and culture spaces and parks across Canada. While Canoo is free to use, it’s not free to operate. As a charity, we rely on donations to help keep Canoo available and free for new citizens. With your generous support, we can help thousands of new Canadians and their families feel like they belong. Give the gift of Canoo! Become a monthly donor today.


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