Meet Canoo member Anique Ellis


Meet Canoo member Anique Ellis. Anique Ellis first came to Canada in October of 2007 as an exchange student at Northern Lights College in Fort St. John’s, BC, as part of a cultural exchange program for student-teachers from Jamaica. “That was where I fell in love with Canada,” says Anique Ellis. “The culture [and the people made my decision to migrate to Canada an easy one. When I returned to Jamaica and completed teacher’s college, I wasted no time in starting the process.”

Anique Ellis is excited and proud to be a Canadian citizen. “ I take responsibility for my role as a citizen and ensure that I contribute value to society in whatever capacity I’m able to.” 

“Canada is an amazing place to live,” she says.“It isn’t just physically attractive but inclusive, and I appreciate how everyone is treated equally and how all cultures are celebrated and appreciated. To be included is Canadian; to be Canadian is to be included.”

Anique Ellis has visited many provinces and can’t choose a favourite place. “Canada is absolutely breathtaking,” she says, “I have been to Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, and I’m yet to decide on which is my favourite place! Each province is unique, culturally rich, and has a great deal of things and places to offer, experience, explore and enjoy.”

Typically, Anique Ellis visits venues with her son, and her favourite venue she has visited is the Royal Alberta Museum. “I had an amazing experience at the Royal Alberta Museum,” she says, “I started going in December of 2019 when I took my son. I enjoyed the little areas set up for children to learn and explore, and the different areas to play in the museum. The staff were very kind and welcoming.

“Cultural places such as the Royal Alberta Museum give each Canadian the opportunity to experience each other’s culture, which helps to remove barriers and prejudices,  as well as allow for dialogue and acceptance of our differences. That is what makes us unique as Canadians.

“Thanks to Canoo I have gained a deeper appreciation for Canada’s rich history and heritage. Canoo connects history, culture, and entertainment; it has been an amazing experience.”

Canoo gives new Canadian families access to 1400+ arts, culture spaces and parks across Canada. While Canoo is free to use, it’s not free to operate. As a charity, we rely on donations to help keep Canoo available and free for new Canadian citizens. With your generous support, we can help thousands of new Canadians and their family belong. Give the gift of Canoo! Become a monthly donor today.


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