Edmonton Hosts Unforgettable Citizenship Ceremony


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The Foundry Room, Edmonton, Alberta


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Becoming a citizen of a new country is a momentous occasion that marks the finale of a journey filled with dreams, aspirations, and determination. In the heart of Edmonton, a city known for its cultural vibrancy and inclusivity, an Enhanced Citizenship Ceremony took place on August 16, 2023.

During this ceremony, Presiding Official Mrs. Elexis Schloss administered the oath of citizenship and celebrated 34 individuals from 13 countries as Canadian citizens.


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We are grateful that Dr. Carola Cunningham joined us for the ceremony. She spoke about the needs of communities across Alberta battling with drug use amid the current fentanyl crisis. As we welcome new citizens into the Canadian family, we must recognize there are struggles that they are now a part of, as well. Advocating for others sheds light on severe issues that impact the lives of individuals and their loved ones.

This call to action resonated strongly, urging those in attendance to move beyond stigmatization and judgment. Instead, they were encouraged to channel efforts towards empathy, education, and support. This speech served as a catalyst for dialogue, inspiring new citizens to engage in meaningful conversations. They can then take concrete steps towards creating a safer and more compassionate community for everyone.

Photos and More Information

To view photos of the Citizenship Ceremony, click here.

With ICC’s Enhanced Citizenship Ceremonies, established Canadians have the ability to connect with new citizens building stronger community relationships. If you are interested in volunteering as a roundtable host at one of our ceremonies, please contact ceremonies@inclusion.ca.


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New Canadian citizen taking the oath of citizenship.
New Canadian citizen hugging the Presiding Official at the citizenship ceremony.


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