Citizenship Week Begins with Saskatoon Citizenship Ceremony


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Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Saskatoon, Saskcatchewan


Citizenship Week

The Ukrainian Museum of Canada welcomed candidates on May 24, 2023, for an Enhanced Citizenship Ceremony in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The Museum works hard to preserve Ukrainian culture while supporting Ukrainian Canadians across the country. Distance during a time of migration for any reason can be a challenge that many people from around the world share. Supporting one another in a community space like this one is a way to cope, as well as, celebrate the new opportunities that will come along with being a Canadian.

Presiding Official Dr. Bill Waiser administered the oath of citizenship and celebrated 40 individuals from 6 countries as Canadian citizens.


Number of New Citizens


Number of Countries

As our population continues to grow, there is an increasing number of cultures celebrated within the borders of Canada. During our roundtable discussions before the oath taking, one new citizen shared:

“We don’t have to wipe out our culture to be Canadian, so that is something that we really loved. And we feel at home. This is our second home, but more importantly, we get to keep our culture.”

For new citizens, the decision to become Canadian does not erase their identity or their history. This is important because shared cultural values and traditions create a sense of belonging. As cultural identity is always changing, migration and citizenship can affect this relationship. However, becoming Canadian does not enforce one single identity. You can be many things and belong to many spaces in Canada. Using respect and compassion, we can build bridges between the many different cultures here creating connections and fostering a welcoming society.

With ICC’s Enhanced Citizenship Ceremonies, established Canadians have the ability to connect with new citizens building stronger community relationships. If you are interested in volunteering as a roundtable host at one of our ceremonies, please contact

To view photos of the Citizenship Ceremony, click here.

Thank you to the guests and performers that participated in this event. For more information, click on their profiles below.

Paulina Salisbury



Paulina Salisbury is a young woman full of energy, with contagious positivity. She has been immersed in music since her early childhood. She is the winner of the 2022 Nouvelle Scène singing-songwriting competition, where she also received the People’s Choice Award.


Brian Baggett

Chapman Stick Soloist


The only Chapman Stick performer in Saskatchewan, Brian Baggett showcases masterful original compositions and colorfully arranged standards from various genres. Brian is a 27-year veteran of the 10-stringed, 2-handed tapping instrument.



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Building Citizenship
Ceremony Photos
Woman speaking at roundtable discussions.
People taking the oath of citizenship at a Canadian citizenship ceremony.
Child receiving their citizenship documents.
Woman speaking at roundtable discussions.


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