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Sharon Temple National Historic Site & Museum, Sharon, Ontario


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Nestled in Ontario, Canada, you’ll find a beautiful historic structure known as Sharon Temple. The building and the grounds both stand as a testament to history and community. This iconic site hosted a citizenship ceremony on August 16, 2023 that transported attendees through time, inviting everyone to immerse themselves in the rich heritage that this historic site holds. Sharon Temple once served as a place for camaraderie. It now continues to serve as a beacon for the values of equality, peace, and social justice.

During the ceremony, Citizenship Judge Hardish Dhaliwal administered the oath of citizenship and celebrated 42 individuals from 16 countries as Canadian citizens.


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Joined by elected representatives, the new Canadian citizens were gifted a bag of carrots each in celebration of the vegetable harvesting that takes place in the region during this time of year. MP Scot Davidson, who gifted these carrots, chose to introduce new citizens to their local farmers who work hard to keep the people of their community and beyond fed.

Mayor Virginia Hackson also joined in ICC’s Roundtable Discussions as well as speaking as a special guest during the ceremony.

“Canada has a lot of opportunity to offer from sea to sea. I encourage you to continue moving forward in this positive way. Explore and experience all that Canada represents. Like many, you will experience some difficult days ahead of you as you continue to adjust. In those days, please reflect on today’s ceremony and on this room filled with love, support and strength.” – Mayor Virginia Hackson

The ceremony at the Sharon Temple offered more than just a trip down memory lane. Undeniably, it was an invitation to connect with the past and an opportunity to reflect on the values that continue to shape our future. As the day came to a close, attendees left with not only a deeper understanding of history but also a renewed sense of purpose.

Photos and More Information

To view photos of the Citizenship Ceremony, click here.

With ICC’s Enhanced Citizenship Ceremonies, established Canadians have the ability to connect with new citizens building stronger community relationships. If you are interested in volunteering as a roundtable host at one of our ceremonies, please contact


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Ceremony Photos
MP Scot Davidson giving a new Canadian citizen a bag of carrots at Sharon Temple.
People holding their bag of carrots after receiving their certificate of citizenship at a Canadian citizenship ceremony in Sharon Temple.
People taking the oath of citizenship at a Candian citizenship ceremony in Sharon Temple.
People celebrating their new citizenship at a Canadian citizenship ceremony in Sharon Temple.


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