Announcing the 2018 ICC Fellows


The Institute of Canadian Citizenship (ICC) is pleased to introduce the 10 individuals selected to take part in the 2018 ICC Fellowship.

The ICC Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for young leaders from around the world to develop and implement local projects on citizenship and inclusion. Over the past three years, the ICC has welcomed 32 fellows from 13 different countries into the program, previously known as the 6 Degrees Junior Fellowship.

“The quality of applications we received was amazing,” said Scott Young, Director of the ICC’s Ideas & Insights program. “Each 2018 ICC Fellow was chosen because of their commitment to advancing the work of citizenship and inclusion. Each of their projects fosters citizenship and inclusion through technology, and many of them will have positive implications for how we think about the ways in which citizenship and technology interact. We’re very excited to support the fellows in their work.”

Applicants to this year’s ICC Fellowship were asked to address the following questions: What is the impact of technology on the ideas and practices surrounding citizenship and belonging? How has technology changed what it means to be a citizen? Has technology been a force for or against active citizenship? Are there ways we can better employ and harness technology to promote more inclusive societies?

The ICC Fellows will kick off their fellowship by attending 6 Degrees Toronto, from September 24 to September 26, where they will be connect with leaders from all walks of life who will help them refine and workshop their project concepts. The fellows will also participate in wide-ranging and engaging dialogues that will inform their thinking on issues related to citizenship and technology. Following 6 Degrees Toronto, they will return to their communities to launch their projects.

You can learn more about the ICC Fellowship here and read about this year’s ICC Fellows and their projects below.

Thank you to Victoria Nunes and the Lions Group for supporting the 2018 ICC Fellowship as its Presenting Partner.

2018 ICC Fellows

Seyi Akiwowo
Age: 26
Country of birth: United Kingdom
Current location: London, United Kingdom

Project: An immersive, impactful program that will educate young people on their digital rights and responsibilities, enabling them to be active digital citizens and agents in tackling the rise of hate and abuse online.

April Marie Alayon
Age: 27
Country of birth: Philippines
Current location: Vancouver, Canada

Project: A community hub that will provide the necessary skills, resources, and networks for people of colour who are interested in working in the technology industry.

Eduarda Aun
Age: 26
Country of birth: Brazil
Current location: New York, United States

Project: A digital platform that will use interactive maps to enable citizens to participate in civic events, organize, and reclaim public space in Brazil.

Megan Beretta
Age: 24
Country of birth: Canada
Current location: Ottawa, Canada

Project: A non-partisan, consultative process that will examine digital rights needs of underrepresented communities, and empower these communities to know their rights and bring this conversation into the mainstream.

Yonis Hassan
Age: 23
Country of birth: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Canada

Project: An initiative that will equip diverse youth organizers in the City of Toronto with the digital skills necessary to tackles some of their communities pressing social problems.

Janelle Hinds
Age: 26
Country of birth: Canada
Current location: Mississauga, Canada

Project: A project that will explore how young people get engaged in their communities and, in consultation with these young people, design an online tool to facilitate greater youth engagement.

Hiba Ibrahim
Age: 25
Country of birth: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Canada

Project: A website that will provide Somali refugees and immigrants with accessible information on mental health resources and work to remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

Ruth Mojeed
Age: 29
Country of birth: Nigeria
Current location: Victoria, Canada

Project: A documentary that will bring to life the experiences of women, immigrants, Indigenous peoples, and other minority groups who are working in the tech industry, with a focus on how inclusion in this industry can be achieved.

Samantha Perlman
Age: 23
Country of birth: United States
Current location: Marlborough, United States

Project: A collaborative, community-building program that will use technology to connect students from diverse backgrounds, and foster civic education and political engagement, through peer-to-peer learning.

David Timis
Age: 27
Country of birth: Romania
Current location: Bucharest, Romania

Project: A digital platform that will showcase the stories of diverse, young political activists and provide information and resources to other young people, inspiring them to become active European citizens.


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